Bruce Willis, Malin Akerman and Nikki Reed in the Catch .44 trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Remember when Bruce Willis was a huge, A-list movie star?  Yeah, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but with the possible exception of RED, the guy hasn’t had a real hit since 2007’s LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD and his last two films, SET UP and now CATCH .44 have gone straight to DVD.  If you’ve seen him in anything recently, you can tell that he’s the same actor he’s always been, it’s just now he’s choosing really bad roles.  It looks like the trend continues with CATCH .44, which debuted a new trailer this weekend.  They’re going for an edgy, PULP FICTION-y feel, but it comes off like they’re trying a bit too hard.

The film stars Bruce Willis, Malin Akerman, Forest Whitaker, Twilight’s Nikki Reed, Brad Dourif, Kevin Beard and Michael Rosenbaum.  The film is written and directed by Aaron Harvey.  CATCH .44 hits store shelves on December 20th.

Bruce Willis and Malin Akerman in Catch .44

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