Bruce Willis set to star in Five Against The Bullet

It was announced last night that Bruce Willis would be starring in the action film FIVE AGAINST THE BULLET, which will follow the son of an assassinated Mexican politician that hires the five best bodyguards from around the world to keep him safe during an election.  At this point, the only thing we know aside from the very basic plot is that Bruce Willis will star and that Sam Dickerman and Lauren Abrahams are overseeing the project for Columbia Pictures.

I actually hesitated posting this news because as weird as it may seem, I almost think of Willis as a B-movie star nowadays.  With a few bad casting choices (read: 50 Cent), this one could be another in a long line of recent Willis bombs.  With that said, I like the basic premise for an action movie and with some great characters as bodyguards, it could be fun.

Bruce Willis

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

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