Bruce Willis to star in Ten for producer Joe Roth

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Bruce Willis seems to be throwing a bone to his old pal and producer Joe Roth after agreeing to star in the low-budget drama TEN.  Willis and Roth go way back, all the way to the ARMAGEDDON days when Roth helped Willis out of a financial jam with the studio.  Patrick Allesandrin is directing a script written by Skip Woods.  Allesandrin directed the incredibly fun DISTRICT 13: ULTIMATUM and Skip Woods most recently wrote THE A-TEAM.  Other than the fact it’s a drama, nothing is known about the script.

I’ve always respected Bruce Willis for taking chances and doing smaller films in-between his blockbusters, but sometimes I forget that he makes these films because he has to, not because he necessarily wants to.  He makes a lot of deals and with those deals come agreements to do movies he probably wouldn’t otherwise do.  But without those commitments, we probably wouldn’t have had him in THE SIXTH SENSE.

Bruce Willis

Source: Deadline

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