Bruce Willis will unfortunately be doing another film with Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Sigh. Somehow Curtis Jackson has convinced my favorite bald actor Bruce Willis to star in another film that will surely be ridiculously bad. It’s been reported that Willis, 50 and Josh Duhamel will team up for a film entitled FIRE WITH FIRE (it just sounds bad, right?) which will be about a firefighter who goes into the witness protection program but has to take matters into his own hands when the guy he’s testifying against goes after his girlfriend. Still not sure which actor will play what role, but I’m guessing that the firefighter act will go to Mr. Jackson as that will have the cheesiest lines and will most likely require him to be shirtless at least part of the time. No word on when this gem will start filming.

You may recall another bad film with Willis and Jackson coming out called SETUP, if you haven’t had the pleasure of catching the trailer check the link. I’m disappointed in Mr. Willis, he’s supposed to do better things than this and he did for awhile which is why I named my third puppy after his character in DIE HARD (isn’t he cute?). You can see why this news hurts so much.

Bruce Willis


McClane Carver

Source: Variety



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