Camilla Belle could join Bradley Cooper for Paradise Lost

Posted by: Zack Bruce

I feel like Camilla Belle has had a weird career. One minute she’s in a critically acclaimed film and next she’s in some random horror movie. I like her but I’m trying to figure out what happened after she did THE BALLAD OF JACK & ROSE with Daniel Day Lewis.

Maybe this next role will be of some help to get her back on the right path. Belle is apparently the choice for the lead role of Eve in Alex Proyas’ PARADISE LOST. I feel sort of weird talking about Adam and Eve as “lead roles”. Eve as you all know was the first to be tempted into sin in the Garden of Eden. So she’ll be the one to start all the problems. Plus she had to go drag Adam into all of this. Women.

Bradley Cooper and Benjamin Walker are already on board as Lucifer and the archangel Michael, respectively. The story is derived from John Milton’s epic poem diving into the war between good and evil. The film is looking to release in 2013.

Camilla Belle

Source: Deadline

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