Carey Elwes and Adam Campbell are The Beatles in Robert Zemeckis's Yellow Submarine

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Carey Elwes, Adam Campbell, Dean Lennox Kelly and Peter Serafinowicz are in negotiations to remake the Beatles 1968 animated feature YELLOW SUBMARINE with Robert Zemeckis.  The film follows the story of the Fab Four as they travel in their Yellow Submarine to Pepperland.  Zemeckis is intending to use the same ‘3D performance capture technology’ that he used in 2009’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

I completely agree with this article and believe that Robert Zemeckis has of late been making really creepy animated films.  However, if you’re a big enough Beatles fan then seeing a remake of YELLOW SUBMARINE would be pretty cool even with the Zemeckis spin.

Yellow Sub

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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