Carrie Fisher confirms she would return for Star Wars: Episode 7

Carrie Fisher

Finally, we have something more official than a quote from a friend of a friend.  Carrie Fisher responded to a question about whether or not she’d be willing to return for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII with a simple “Yes, sure.  Wouldn’t you?”  Well of course I would, Ms. Fisher, and I’m glad you’re open to the idea as well.  For those of you keeping track at home, Carrie Fisher is the first of the big three to come out and say she’d return.  We heard a few days ago that Harrison Ford was “upbeat” about the idea, but we didn’t hear it straight from the man himself, so we still don’t have an official word.  Mark Hamill talked about returning for Episode VII extensively in the early 80’s and we’d have to assume he’d return as well if he were asked.  But he technically hasn’t said he would one way or the other.

This news about Carrie Fisher is great, since I’m assuming Princess Leia will be a huge part of the next trilogy.  My guess is that Leia would move on to a high powered political role and that her kids would be key pieces to any future movies.  But that’s just my speculation, so take it for what it’s worth. (TMZ)

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