Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix bringing I’m Still Here to Blu-ray in November

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Casey Affleck’s mockumentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s short lived rap career was very appealing to me, if only to get some sort of explanation for what happened and why they decided to do it.  But I wasn’t willing to pay money to see it in a theater and apparently, no one else was either because it’s making a lightning fast release to Blu-ray.  It had a very limited release on September 10th and will already be available for purchase or rent on November 23rd.

The release features a commentary with Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix, along with some deleted scenes.  I’m curious as to whether or not Affleck and Phoenix will take the commentary seriously or if they’ll cut up and make jokes throughout the film.  Something tells me we’re not going to get a lot of great insights with that commentary.

Im Still Here Blu-ray

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