Casey Affleck directs Joaquin Phoenix in the I'm Still Here trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

When Joaquin Phoenix went crazy a while ago and had his “rap” concert and then did his weird interview on David Letterman, many people thought he was either a) going crazy or b) making a movie.  It turns out Casey Affleck was actually making the movie about Joaquin Phoenix going crazy.  Or something like that.  The actual “plot” of the documentary I’M STILL HERE is still confusing because the trailer makes it sound like it’s just a film about Joaquin dealing with being a celebrity, but I’m not sure how the whole rap thing fits into that.  And was that Puff Daddy giving Joaquin a hug in there?

The film opens everywhere in September and supposedly, when Casey shopped this around, it was a hot commodity.  I didn’t see anything in the trailer to make me super excited for it, but the general idea at least intrigues me.  Watch the trailer here.

Joaquin Phoenix in I'm Still Here

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