Catherine Zeta-Jones will join Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe in Broken City

Posted by: Zack Bruce

BROKEN CITY looks like it might be the film to see with this cast that has been lined up.

So far Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg are in the leads. I mean really, do you have to add anyone else after that to get a moviegoer to buy a ticket? Well, what if you throw in the lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones as the eye candy. Yep, now you really got something. Jones has signed on for role of the cheating wife of a New York City mayor played by Crowe.

The film directed by Allen Hughes follows a Brooklyn detective (Wahlberg) hired by the mayor to identify his wife’s lover, and when the lover turns up dead, the detective takes it personally and uncovers a wider conspiracy involving his employer.

The last thing I remember Jones being in was NO RESERVATIONS with Aaron Eckhart. I think I watched like five minutes then turned it. It will be great to see her in this film opposite Wahlberg and Crowe.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Source: Deadline

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