Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey take it off in the Magic Mike trailer

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

Some of you that were late to the Channing Tatum bandwagon may not realize that Channing Tatum got his big break starring in the first STEP UP film and is actually a very accomplished and talented dancer.  Yes, that Channing Tatum.  The guy that’s now known for throwing and taking punches in action films is actually a dancer.  Some might say Channing Tatum is the Patrick Swayze for a new generation, just without the charm.  But anyway, in case you forgot or never knew that Tatum could dance, check out the first trailer for MAGIC MIKE and you can watch him dance and strip is way through the 2.5 minute trailer.

The film is actually based on Channnig Tatum’s days when he worked as a stripper, before he got his big break.  In the film, Tatum plays Magic Mike, one of the most popular male strippers.  But like everyone in movie-world that’s good at doing something that doesn’t get respect, Magic Mike wants to quit stripping and sell furniture.  At least that’s what I picked up from the trailer.  Personally, I don’t think anyone will care once they get past “Channing Tatum stripping”.  But in the film’s defense, it looks pretty decent, probably due to the directing of Steven Soderbergh.  Again, we’ll see if the idea of male strippers attracts as many customers as its sure to detract.

Although the film clearly belongs to Channing Tatum, I think the most memorable lines and moments will come from Matthew McConaughey.  His voice and his demeanor are perfect for lines like “the law says you cannot touch, but I think I see a lot of lawbreakers in the house tonight”.  MAGIC MIKE stars Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Gabriel Iglesias, Riley Keough, Olivia Munn and Cody Horn.  The Steven Soderbergh directed film hits theaters in 2012.

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