Channing Tatum’s Gambit now has a writer

Marvel is teaching the class and Warner Bros. and Sony are obviously listening, but Fox is just refusing to pay attention.  So while Disney and Warner Bros. are expanding their superhero movies and creating vast worlds with numerous characters, Fox is still holding on to their X-Men movies and hoping people will continue to be accepting of their one-off mistakes and big X-Men movies that don’t seem to have a plan.  Now they have to work in another X-Men character that people love and instead of doing it in an X-Men film, they’re apparently going to start from scratch.  But until today, a GAMBIT movie was just an empty threat from Fox and the A-list star they’ve tapped to star in the lead role; Channing Tatum.

Today they hired screenwriter Joshua Zetumer to write a draft of the script.  Zetumer has no experience with superhero movies, but he has written a lot of movies that haven’t gotten made, including a Bourne 4 draft for Paul Greengrass, a Dune remake and a few others.  The one credit he does have is that he was one of the five writers on the recent ROBOCOP remake.  So there’s that.  Despite the lack of credits, Zetumer is getting the GAMBIT writing gig and will have to prove to the world that Fox can make a decent superhero movie that only involves one of the X-Men.  Consider me skeptical at best.  (Deadline)

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