Charlie Sheen's craziness is refreshing

By Brad Sturdivant

Charlie Sheen just announced a few more stops on his insanity tour, or as he calls it “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option Show” for which he’s going to make almost $7 million from.  This, of course, takes his craziness to uncharted territory when it comes to celebrities destroying themselves.  He’s making even the baddest of bad boys seem like a little puppy dog as he goes spouting ridiculous soliloquies about drugs, tiger blood, porn stars and “winning”.  But while his craziness has brought about a series of reactions from everyone and even led to his firing from his embarrassingly bad show ‘Two and a Half Men’, my only feeling on his antics is that they’re refreshing.

Charlie Sheen

Let’s face it; the celebrities that we as a society tend to worship are douche-bags.  That cool, suave, earth-saving actor that you get excited about every time you see him in a movie preview is probably snorting coke right now.  That beautiful, charming and funny actress that you wish you could be with has probably been passed around town more than the latest YouTube video.  Don’t ever think that a celebrity is perfect.  Most of them are more like Charlie Sheen than their publicists would have you believe.  The only thing keeping them in check is a great management team and the threat of losing millions if anyone ever found out.  Society has unfair expectations on celebrities and then we get surprised when they turn out to be normal and/or crazy.

Charlie Sheen

But Charlie Sheen doesn’t care.  He knows that he has money and will continue to have money for the rest of his life.  He doesn’t care that the world found out about his debauchery and he’s not going to insult our intelligence by checking into a rehab program he won’t finish anyway.  This isn’t Warren Beatty hiding from every tabloid rumor that had him sleeping with every beautiful woman in the 60’s and 70’s.  This isn’t Marv Albert in the 90’s getting caught in a hotel with two hookers and then apologizing profusely for the next two years.  This isn’t even Lindsay Lohan doing all kinds of stupid things and then denying them the next day, despite the fact there are hundreds of pictures and videos of her doing said stupid things.  We’re lambasted with celebrity “scandals” and Charlie Sheen has finally had enough.  He flipped the switch on the media and instead of hiding from the scandals and letting the paparazzi get the best of him, he’s attacking the media with an onslaught of interviews and media appearances.  He has said and done so much already that there’s nothing he can do or say at this point that will be even remotely newsworthy.

Charlie Sheen in Two and A Half Men

I also loved that he came out and criticized his hit TV show.  Yes, it made him a fortune, but it was a mind-numbingly dumb show and he was right to say he was embarrassed to be on it.  And we all know that other sitcom stars in TV land feel the same way.  They just haven’t done enough drugs to say it publicly.  But don’t get me wrong; Charlie Sheen is still crazy and what he’s doing is sad to watch.  He clearly has a few screws loose and whether he’s suffering Ozzy-like repercussions from too many drugs or he hasn’t stopped taking drugs, he’s still insane by any normal standard.  But he’s definitely not the first actor to say something stupid or to be caught with porn stars; he’s just the first that embraces it and there’s something refreshing about that.

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