Chloe Grace Moretz is joining Denzel Washington in The Equalizer

Chloe Moretz

It feels like the process of bringing THE EQUALIZER to the big screen has been going on for a long time. Back in 2010, the film was going to star Russell Crowe in the title role, but after a few director changes, Crowe was eventually dropped and replaced by Denzel Washington. Washington has seen a few director changes himself, most recently with Nicolas Winding Refn attaching and then detaching himself to the project. But it seems to have found a home with Washington and his TRAINING DAY director Antoine Fuqua and now we can start moving forward with some other casting announcements.

The formerly innocent Chloe Grace Moretz is looking to take the female lead in the film as a young prostitute that seeks the help of the reclusive private detective. The role was originally cast for an older woman, but supposedly, Chloe Grace Moretz did a reading and wowed everyone in the room. The part is being compared to Jodie Foster’s in TAXI DRIVER, but that’s a little obvious since it’s one of the few parts that also features an underage prostitute that needs help from an older man. The film is due to hit theaters on April 11th, 2014, so production on this is going to have to start sooner than later.

While there’s no official synopsis yet for the big screen adaptation of THE EQUALIZER, it’s presumed that the movie will follow the basic outline of the TV show. The original 1985 series was about a private detective with a shady past that seems to have an endless supply of high powered contacts. He helps people that have problems that the police are unwilling to help out with. Think ‘The A-Team’, but with only one guy. I like the idea of Denzel Washington in the role and it reminds me of his character from MAN ON FIRE, which I thought he was great in. I also like the addition of Chloe Grace Moretz, meaning that I’m officially looking forward to the film. (Deadline)


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