Chloe Moretz and Richard Jenkins in the new Let Me In trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The first trailer for LET ME IN felt like a rock music video and seemed to have completely missed the mark as far as capturing the feel of the story.  The second trailer does a much better job of giving us that eerie feeling, but again seems to have missed the point of the story.  In the second trailer, they once again play up the horror aspect of the film, but in the original Swedish version (LET THE RIGHT ONE IN), the horror was just a backdrop to the touching story between a little vampire girl and a boy.  I’m not sure if director Matt Reeves lost sight of that, or if the company putting the trailers together just doesn’t have a clue about the story.

Of course, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that the studio just wants to market a straight-up horror film and is confused about what to do with a film like this.  I’ll reserve judgment until I see the finished product, but for right now, the Blu-ray edition of the original is more than adequate.  Watch the trailer here.

Chloe Moretz in Let Me In

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