Chloe Moretz may play a zombie in upcoming film Maggie

Chloe Moretz

Remember when we were all so excited to find out that zombie films were starting to push out the excessive vampire films? Well, now I’m officially sick of zombies. It’s true that none of the films that portray the undead have actually come out yet (I’m referring to WARM BODIES, WORLD WAR Z and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES), but I’m sick of them nonetheless. It looks another zombie flick, MAGGIE, which we heard about eons ago when it was on the black list, has a couple of actors potentially attached in the form of Chloe Moretz and Paddy Considine.

MAGGIE will be directed by Henry Hobson and is set in the wake of another zombie infected outbreak. Chloe Moretz will play Maggie, who is infected and is slowly becoming one of the undead, while Paddy Considine will play her loving father who has to watch his daughter go through this awful transformation. MAGGIE will be a low budget film (around $10 million) and is currently scheduled to start shooting in September with a probable theatrical release in 2013. So whether or not Chloe Moretz and Paddy Considine will stay involved is something we’ll keep an eye on.

Chloe Moretz has been a very busy young lady these past couple of years. After her great performance in KICK ASS, we’ve see Chloe Moretz as a vampire in LET ME IN, a white trash chick in HICK (which actually comes out later this year) and then we’ll see her as a telekinetic teen in the upcoming remake of CARRIE. I suppose it’s only natural Chloe Moretz would round out her repertoire with a zombie flick, but we’ll see what happens. All I know is that I’m very interested to see Chloe Moretz’s career progress in the next few years. She may very well land a role that could get her a little gold statue. (Variety)

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