Choose Your Own Adventure books to be turned into film

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Does anyone remember these Choose Your Own Adventure books? They were quite popular when I was a kid (no age revelations here) and I remember going through several of them before I realized that my choices were terrible and hoped I would never find myself in a situation where I either had to go into a dark creepy cave for shelter or risk staying outside in a snowstorm-I always chose wrong. But apparently these books are still popular enough that a small company called Red Crown Productions is in the process of bringing these books to both film and television. They will have their pick from the 185 books that have been in production since 1979, so hopefully writing a script won’t be too difficult.  What will be difficult is having the audience “Choose Their Own Adventure”.  Maybe if they went straight to Blu-ray it would work, since luckily you can’t give everyone in a movie theater a remote control and let them pick what will happen on screen.  Holy cow-what a nightmare that would be.

Red Crown Productions next project is the comedy GOATS.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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