Chris Evans, Christian Bale, Chris Hemsworth and the top ten hottest superheroes

This summer I have been admiring some of the recent superheroes that have graced the silver screen and realized that they don’t hold a candle to my smokin’ hot hubby.  Smart, sexy and gifted with the super power of hilariousness, he is the ultimate superhero in my book. That being said, I thought I’d share with you the features that caught my eye when watching and re-watching some of my favorite superhero films. Some of you might not agree with the order I’ve ranked these good-looking guys but I’m sure you can agree that they are all worthy of being on this list. Film quality and/or watchability are not taken into consideration, just pure looks.  Without anymore delay, I give you the Top Ten Hottest Superheroes. You’re welcome.

Mr Incredible, Batman, The Hulk

10: Mr. Incredible – Craig T. Nelson: This animated hero is quite… incredible. Perhaps this is a bit of a stretch here but go with me on this one. The thing that makes THE INCREDIBLES Mr. Incredible one of the hottest superheroes is not his impressive strength or that he’s friends with Samuel L Jackson’s Frozone. What makes him hot (outside of having Craig T. Nelson as the voice behind the animation) is the love he has for his superhero wife and kids is far greater than that of his super strength. Talk about hot – a man who loves his family is super sexy.

9: Batman – Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney: Before the fanatics get all up in arms about this Batman selection, please briefly direct your attention to number 5 on this list.  Before Bale, there were the hunks that made up the campy version of Batman during the timespan of 1989 – 1997. During this time, all three gave the series a smoking hot man in a black leathery suit –  that shows off all their muscles.  These studs managed to look just as good when assuming the part of Bruce Wayne too. Holy Hotness Batman!

8: Incredible Hulk – Mark Ruffalo: I’m a sucker for the smoldering smart guys, which makes Mark Ruffalo’s tall, dark and handsome, Bruce Banner so appealing. Seeing this new Hulk in THE AVENGERS made me rethink this list and make room for the calm, quiet scientist. Even when transformed into his green alter-ego he’s charming as he smashes his way through buildings and into our hearts.

Wolverine, Iron Man, Batman

7: Wolverine – Hugh Jackman: Surly and brooding, Jackman’s Wolverine is one irresistible superhero bad boy. His wild hair, ornery smile and that wicked gleam in his eyes are just some of the features that this writer cannot resist. Sure, he’s a little hairy and he has sharp retractable metal claws but what guy doesn’t have his flaws? I am still a fan of this unaging heartthrob.

6: Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr: Playboy, philanthropist, genius, billionaire, oh yeah. The thing that makes Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Starke so attractive is the swagger and attitude he has outside his Iron Man suit. His razor sharp wit and silky smooth lines make him the guy your mama warned you about.

5: Batman – Christian Bale: This whispery caped crusader’s strong jaw line and dark eyes are all we see when he’s sporting the bat-suit that just-so-happens to outline his awesomely muscular upper-body region… Christian Bale ups the ante greatly with his portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman.  Sure there are amazing action sequences in this awesome film franchise but my favorite moments are when he’s shirtless and or in the aforementioned bat-suit.

Green lantern, Professor X, Captain America

4: Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds: Even though the GREEN LANTERN was not a favorite among the masses, this list is looking solely at the hotness level, and this is one hot hero. A painted on green suit is by far the best way to appreciate the flawless physique of Ryan Reynolds. What could be more sexy than this smokin’ fella in his suit? How about the fact that he just wants peace within the universe?

3: Professor X –  James McAvoy : With piercing blue eyes and the ability to read people’s minds, I would blush scarlet if Professor X could hear my thoughts. James McAvoy brings a new twist to Professor X’s sophisticated character in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. One bonus, seeing Charles Xavier with a full head of hair. I would like to enroll into your school for the gifted, Mr. Xavier… even though I don’t qualify.

2: Captain America – Chris Evans: Heart, courage, honor, and valor, what girl could resist Captain Steve Rogers? He was sweet and endearing before he became a medically engineered super soldier. After, he is the complete package. With 1940s manners, dreamy eyes and super strength, any girl that gets to bring Captain America home to meet her parents is one lucky lady.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

1: Thor – Chris Hemsworth: Capturing my heart in his first moments of screen time in STAR TREK, I was pleasantly surprised when Chris Hemsworth stripped down to wear a cape and armor in THOR.  As a chiseled stubborn headstrong hammer wielding demigod, I swoon whenever the camera focuses in on his electrifying blue eyes. Or his giant arm muscles. Or his abs. . .sigh. Is it wrong that I am jealous whenever he smooches Natalie Portman?

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