Chris Evans will face Frank Grillo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Frank Grillo

A rumor broke late last week that Frank Grillo was the frontrunner to play the villain Crossbones in the next Captain America film, titled CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER.  Well, today we learn that it’s no longer a rumor and that Frank Grillo is officially joining the film and will be starring opposite Chris Evans in the Russo Brothers directed sequel.  Chances are good you may not know who Frank Grillo or Crossbones are, so let’s start with Grillo.  You’ve probably seen Frank Grillo in a number of TV shows, including ‘The Shield’, ‘Guiding Light’, ‘Prison Break’, ‘Law and Order’ and ‘The Gates’ among others.  He’s also done several films, including MINORITY REPORT, WARRIOR and THE GREY.  He actually has several films coming up, including LAY THE FAVORITE with Bruce Willis, GANGSTER SQUAD with Ryan Gosling and Katherine Bigelow’s ZERO DARK THIRTY.  And oh yeah, that’s him pictured above.

As for Crossbones, his inclusion into CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER is the biggest indication yet of where Marvel is probably taking their “Phase 2” plan.  In the comics, Crossbones is really nothing more than a glorified henchman for Red Skull, but plays a key part in the famed Civil War storyline that I assume Marvel is building towards.  In the comics, Crossbones squares off with both Winter Soldier (to be played by Sebastian Stan) and Falcon (to be played by Anthony Mackie) towards the end of the storyline after he was involved in an assassination attempt on Captain America.  Obviously, there’s a lot more to it than that, but I don’t want to recite the entire storyline here.  And of course, this is just my speculation as to what Marvel is going to do since they haven’t officially announced any formal plans for “Phase 2” and it doesn’t really kick off until next summer’s IRON MAN 3.  But now that one of the villains is taken care of, now all we need is a female lead and confirmation as to whether or not Hugo Weaving will be returning as Red Skull, since he’s publicly said he doesn’t want to.  (Variety)

Chris Evans will face Crossbones in the Captain America sequel

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