Chris Hemsworth and Ron Howard might reteam for In The Heart Of The Sea

Chris Hemsworth and Ron Howard

Although we won’t see the results of their first collaboration, RUSH, until this fall, Chris Hemsworth and Ron Howard must have had a good time working together as the two are looking to reteam again already.  The two are eying an adaptation of Nathaniel Philbrick’s ‘In The Heart Of Sea’, which is based on the true story that inspired the classic novel, ‘Moby Dick.  Philbrick’s book is about a whaling ship that gets chased by a large sperm whale.  Sadly, only 8 crew members of the original 20 survived and after losing their ship and being stranded at sea, they start to turn on each other (cannibalism) to stay alive.  Chris Hemsworth would play the first mate and was actually attached to the film last June.

The film has been in development turmoil for over a decade, with many big name directors coming and going on the project.  But with Hollywood it-boy Chris Hemsworth attached, it’s no surprise that another A-list director is stepping up.  We don’t know about RUSH, but Ron Howard needs a hit after 2011’s THE DILEMMA.  Reteaming with Chris Hemsworth is as good a way as any to make a hit movie.  Ron Howard hasn’t officially signed on, so there’s no start date announced. (Vulture)

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