Chris Hemsworth set to start in Candy Store for director Stephen Gaghan

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has no shortage of projects he’s being sought for, but it looks like he’s picked one of his next ones already. The man with the lovely blonde locks (that’s Chris Hemsworth, in case you missed it) will be starring in the upcoming film CANDY STORE for first time director Stephen Gaghan (who wrote the Academy Award nominated film TRAFFIC). CANDY STORE follows the story of an undercover agent who somehow loses everything and ends up working as a police officer in Brooklyn. While patrolling the streets he discovers that the organized crime ring he was trying to bring down is still very much intact and flourishing right in his neighborhood.

No word on when production would start for CANDY STORE, but as you may be aware Chris Hemsworth has a lot of big projects coming up including THOR: THE DARK WORLD as well as ROBOPOCALPYSE which will be shooting soon. As more news about CANDY STORE surfaces we’ll let you know. (The Wrap)

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