Chris Hemsworth will not be facing Mads Mikkelsen in Thor 2 after all

Mads Mikkelsen

Most of America knows Mads Mikkelsen as the main bad guy in CASINO ROYALE or in the dreadful THE THREE MUSKETEERS, but I will always associate him as the one-eyed Viking in Nicolas Winding Refn’s VALHALLA RISING.  Mikkelsen is great in everything he does and when news broke late last year that he’d be playing the villain to Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor in THOR 2, most fanboys around the globe were pretty excited.  Well, it looks like it might have been too good to be true because around the same time last year, he signed on to star in the television series ‘Hannibal’, which follows the early “career” of Hannibal Lector from THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

I’m not sure turning down a chance to join the Marvel universe in a big budget fall movie to take a chance on a TV show I don’t think anyone wants is the best career move, but Mads Mikkelsen obviously has faith in ‘Hannibal’.  Plus, we shouldn’t be too hasty since we haven’t seen the THOR 2 script.  Since filming is set to go underway in the next couple of months, I suspect Marvel is scrounging now to find a replacement.  As it is, THOR 2 is set to star Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins and Stellan Skarsgard.  Perhaps getting a little ahead of themselves, Marvel has set a November 15th, 2013 release date for THOR 2. (Zoomin)

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