Chris O’Dowd manages a group of singers in The Sapphires trailer

It looks like The Weinstein Company has picked up a feel good film that may just take audiences by storm after it plays at the Toronto International Film Festival in a couple of weeks. That feel good film is called THE SAPPHIRES and stars Chris O’Dowd (FRIENDS WITH KIDS and BRIDESMAIDS) who plays Dave, a guy who discovers a talented group of Australian Aboriginal girls who go on to entertain the U.S. troops in Vietnam in the late 60s. THE SAPPHIRES is based on a true story and quite frankly has all the pieces to be an awards contender. I don’t know if there is an original song in there, but if there is look for it to be a contender at the Oscars this year. No word on when THE SAPPHIRES will makes its way in the U.S. theaters, but we’ll keep you posted.

Directed by Wayne Blair, THE SAPPHIRES stars: Chris O’Dowd, Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Shari Sebbens, Miranda Tapsell and Tory Kittles. Check out the trailer below.

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