Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin and Hugh Jackman lend voices for Rise of the Guardians

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

DreamWorks Animation is pulling together a great group of actors to voice one of it’s upcoming projects entitled RISE OF THE GUARDIANS. This is a project that has been brewing for over a year now, in fact back in December 2009 we reported that Leonardo DiCaprio was attached to the film (apparently he’s pulled out). RISE OF THE GUARDIANS is an adaptation of the kids book “The Guardians of Childhood” by William Joyce, and it follows a squad of superheroes made up of Jack Frost, Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman who protect children from an evil spirit named Pitch. Chris Pine will voice Jack Frost, the Easter Bunny will be voiced by Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin will take on Santa, Isla Fisher will be the Tooth Fairy and Jude Law will play Pitch. No word on who will voice the Sandman (if he’s even made it this far in the process). Peter Ramsey who has directed MONSTERS VS. ALIENS: PUMPKINS FROM OUTER SPACE will helm the film.

Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin and Hugh Jackman

RISE OF THE GUARDIANS is set for a November 21, 2012 release date.

Source: Variety

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