Chris Pine and Kevin Costner in new images from Jack Ryan

Chris Pine in Jack Ryan

With all the hype on the summer blockbusters STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS and MAN OF STEEL, it might be easy to lose sight that stars Chris Pine and Kevin Costner are also starring in a winter blockbuster, JACK RYAN.  Paramount has been holding on to the famous Tom Clancy character and can’t seem to find an actor to stick with it, going from Alec Baldwin to Harrison Ford to Ben Affleck and now Chris Pine.  But now it seems they’re jumping back in time and focusing on Ryan’s exploits pre-CIA, culminating with his recruitment into the agency by Kevin Costner’s character.  And although I don’t mind Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, I would say I’m more excited to see Costner back in a good role and this one seems like a perfect fit for him.

JACK RYAN is set to star Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley, Kenneth Branagh and Colm Feore.  Kenneth Branagh is also handling directing duties for the film that hits theaters on Christmas day.

Chris Pine and Kevin Costner in Jack Ryan

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