Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal join Johnny Depp in Into The Woods

Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal

When it was first announced that Richard Gere would be singing a pretty big part in the big screen adaptation of the musical CHICAGO, I cringed.  That was director Rob Marshall’s first major film role and I thought the casting of Gere was going to make that his last film.  But Gere nailed all the songs and surprised a lot of people, giving Rob Marshall some street cred when it comes to casting actors in singing roles.  So keep that in mind when you learn that Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal are going to be joining the already A-list cast of Rob Marshall’s next musical, INTO THE WOODS.

Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal will play a couple of obnoxious princes that seduce Cinderella and Rapunzel respectively.  The role of the princes isn’t large, but they do get to sing a song, meaning that their singing ability will be more important than their acting ability, which makes their involvement even more befuddling.  But I’ve been wrong many times before when it comes to actors trying to sing and I’m guessing Rob Marshall has heard them and knows what he’s doing.  Remember that the duo join James Corden, Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep in the film, making for one heck of a cast for Marshall to work with.  Not only that, but there’s still the lead female roles to fill, including some of the leads, so this could get exciting pretty quick. (HeatVision)

The official synopsis of the Broadway musical: A young maiden called Cinderella, an abstracted boy named Jack, his mother, the giant he upsets, a childless baker and his wife, Rapunzel, a couple of princes, a witch, Little Red Riding Hood, and the wolf all find themselves in the woods, where they are forced to face their fears, and learn a few lessons along the way.

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