Chris Pratt joins Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill in Moneyball

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

‘Parks and Recreation’ star Chris Pratt is set to star as former Red Sox catcher Scott Hatteberg, who was a designated hitter for Billy Beane’s Oakland Athletics in the upcoming MONEYBALL.  The casting announcements are coming in pretty frequently now with Kathryn Morris being announced as Beane’s second wife yesterday.  But by my count, only two players have been cast with Pratt as Hatteberg and Stephen Bishop as David Justice.  So if every player is going to be a news release, we could be hearing about MONEYBALL for a while.

Along with Pratt, Morris and Bishop, the film stars Brad Pitt, Robin Wright, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Bennett Miller is directing from a script by Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian.  I’ll be excited when this thing gets underway because it seems like we’ve been hearing about it for years now.  I know this is one of Brad Pitt’s pet projects, so I’m hoping it lives up to the expectations.

Chris Pratt

Source: Risky Business

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