Chris Rock and Julie Delpy try to deal with family in new trailer for 2 Days in New York

Chris Rock and Julie Delpy in 2 Days in New York Trailer

For those of you that love a good Woody Allen-esque film, you’ll probably need to check out this trailer for 2 DAYS IN NEW YORK which stars Chris Rock and Julie Delpy (who also directs). It seems like a cute little film that will either be a charming basket full of laughs or will come across as trying too hard to be quirky and clever. Since I didn’t see 2 DAYS IN PARIS, its hard for me to judge, but I’m always willing to give a comedy a chance.

2 DAYS IN NEW YORK is a follow-up to the movie 2 DAYS IN PARIS, but Marion (Julie Delpy) has broken up with Jack and she now lives in New York with their kid. When her family decides to come and visit from Paris, she must deal with the different cultural background held by her new boyfriend Mingus (Chris Rock), her crazy father and sister as well as her ex-boyfriend who they decide to bring along for the ride.  2 DAYS IN NEW YORK will get a limited release in the states August 10th, 2012 and will be available on VOD July 6th via Magnolia Pictures.

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