Chris Rock, Leo, surprise wins and the top ten moments from the 2016 Academy Awards

7. “Okay yes, lets get a dog.” – The Academy Awards tried something new this year by adding a ticker running across the bottom with a list of thank yous from the winners. I think it worked out fine as it is hardly noticeable and people can get names down without forgetting anyone or reading a shopping list.  INSIDE OUT winner had the cutest moment by using it to tell his kids – “Okay yes, lets get a dog.”

Inside Out

6. Russia defeats Rocky – What an odd alternate ending to Rocky IV, but I guess technically the Russian did kill Apollo CREED, so maybe history repeats itself. Even though Sylvester Stallone was the clear favorite for reprising his famous Rocky Balboa role in CREED, BRIDGE OF SPIES winner Mark Rylance was the only consistent nominee in this category throughout the award season. A surprise for sure but I think Sly will be alright in life.

5. Louis CK as the next Oscar host – Hilariously pointing out why Documentary Short is the best category will have me forever looking at it in a new light.  To Paraphrase: They are the only poor winners of the night where the award is more valuable than the apartment that it sits in.

4. “These danishes are good, girl” – The struggle is real as blacks try to find a part in white movies. This prerecorded sketch was simple, silly and relevant.  A scene from four nominated movies are changed up by adding some diversity through satire.  The winner goes to Tracy Morgan dressed as a woman in THE DANISH GIRL who bites a danish then says, “These danishes are good, girl. – nailed it.”

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