Christian Bale eyes Act of God for director Todd Haynes

Christian Bale and Todd Haynes

Every A-list star needs a franchise to fall back on and right now Christian Bale seems to be holding steady that he’s done with Batman.  That means that he’ll have more time for indie films and character driven pieces, but I can’t help but wonder how long he’ll hold out before seeking another blockbuster franchise.  Until then, let’s appreciate what he’s doing and you might be able to add ACT OF GOD to the list of interesting projects on Christian Bale’s plate.  Bale has been offered the lead role in the film about a simple Kansas man that takes on the government after a tornado devastates his town.  Although that sounds familiar, director Todd Haynes has promised the movie will be more about the politics involved than the actual disaster or the results of the disaster.

Christian Bale and Todd Haynes have worked together twice before, the first being VELVET GOLDMINE and then again on the Bob Dylan homage I’M NOT THERE.  ACT OF GOD sounds more like a straight forward story, so it will be interesting to see what they do with it if it all works out.  Todd Haynes last directed the HBO mini-series ‘Mildred Pierce’ with Kate Winslet and has been relatively quiet since then.  Bale has OUT OF THE FURNACE and then how ever many films Terrence Malick edits him into in the future, but could probably fit this in relatively easily.  It sounds like a quick shoot and if Christian Bale signs on, I’m sure things will get moving quickly. (TheTrackingBoard)

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