Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence might team up for The Ends of The Earth

Christian Bale

When David O. Russell finds someone he likes, he sticks with them.  After just announcing that he’ll be reteaming with his SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK star Jennifer Lawrence in THE ENDS OF THE EARTH, he’s now trying to convince his THE FIGHTER and AMERICAN BULLS*** (the film is still untitled, but this is what it used to be called) star Christian Bale to join the film as well.  Christian Bale, of course, is caught up in the rumor from yesterday that he’ll be returning as Batman, but in the meantime, he still has to find work.

The film is based on the true story of Lydie Marland (to be played by Jennifer Lawrence), who was a famous socialite that was well known for influencing her husband Ernest Marland (this is who Christian Bale would play)to raise wages and take care of his employees with health care and other benefits.  Of course, the juicy bit about Lydie is that she was actually adopted by Ernest when she was younger and then later married him.  Nothing is official yet, but if Russell has his way, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence will be headlining this film. (DailyMail)

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