Christian Bale drops out of Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic

Over the weekend, Christian Bale came to the realization that he was “not right” for the part of Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle’s planned biopic. Now, given the publicity surrounding his casting and the suddenness of this realization, it all feels very suspicious. However, I’ll try to beat down the conspiracy theorist inside of me and chalk this up to Christian Bale honestly deciding he didn’t want to do the part. Why he didn’t realize that a few weeks ago is a mystery, but he’s left Danny Boyle and the filmmakers in a bit of a bind since filming was supposed to get started before the end of the year.

The script is said to be an extremely dialogue-heavy piece from Aaron Sorkin, so whoever they pick is going to have to start memorizing lines quickly. The problem now is that whoever they find to replace Christian Bale is going to have their performance measured to what audiences thought Bale could have done. That leads me to believe they’ll pick a somewhat lesser-known actor to fill the void. It’s also a little unclear what this means for Seth Rogen and Jessica Chastain, who were being sought for roles as well. Danny Boyle is responding quickly to the news and has already scheduled meetings with actors to fill in. (THR)

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