Christian Bale in talks to star in The Creed of Violence

Christian Bale

About this time last year, it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio was looking to star in THE CREED OF VIOLENCE for director Todd Field.  But it seems like DiCaprio is always attached to every project, so when the news died down, no one thought anything of it.  Well, today it looks like Christian Bale is in formal talks to star in the film with Field still set to direct.  The film is an adaptation of the Boston Teran’s novel of the same name that is set in 1910 and follows a small time assassin and young Bureau of Investigation agent that infiltrate the Mexican criminal underground, only to find more than shady activity than they bargained for.  The key thing to the plot synopsis is that there are clearly two male leads, which makes one wonder if Leonardo DiCaprio is still attached in any way to the project.  The thought of Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio teaming up together is almost too good to be true and it would be easy to picture Bale in the role of the assassin and DiCaprio in the role of the young agent.  It should also be noted that DiCaprio doesn’t have anything scheduled after THE WOLF OF WALL STREET.

As for Christian Bale, this sounds like another great project for him, who is probably done with the big budget blockbusters for a while (unless Christopher Nolan comes calling again).  He wowed audiences as Batman and then dabbled with TERMINATOR SALVATION, but I would suspect he’ll focus on smaller, darker and grittier roles for at least the foreseeable future.  Christian Bale next has OUT OF THE FURNACE along with the Terrence Malick’s KNIGHT OF CUPS that seems like it has been filming for years now.  Of course, Christian Bale can currently be seen wrapping up the Batman trilogy in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. (Variety)

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