Christian Bale in the first photos from 13 Flowers

Posted by : Brad Sturdivant

Even though he’s done huge summer blockbusters and is now a household name, Christian Bale is an actor first and foremost.  So it’s cool to see Bale step outside the Hollywood system and do movies he wants to do and that challenge him as an actor.  Case in point: 13 FLOWERS.  This is an English-Chinese collaboration that will feature both languages in the film.  It centers on a group of refugees during the Sino-Japanese war that take up in a church compound.  The group comes together to protect the children and is described as a story of “heroism and love: for those around you, for one’s family, and the love between an unlikely couple.”

Christian Bale is an American trapped with the refugees that finds himself in the middle of the war.  The film is directed by Zhang Yimou and features the cinematography of Xiading Zhao, who also did  HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS.

Christian Bale in 13 Flowers

Christian Bale in 13 Flowers

Source: Tianjinwe

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