Christian Bale now in the running for The Dark Tower

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Christian Bale is now in the mix to play the male lead in the upcoming Ron Howard film (well, it’ll be in theaters in 2013) THE DARK TOWER. He joins a couple of other actors in Javier Bardem (who was just nominated for his role in BIUTIFUL) as well as Viggo Mortensen. The film won’t actually be just a film, but a film and television collaboration that will span an entire season of television and roughly three films. Having any one of these actors commit to something this long and intensive seems a little far-fetched right now but you never know. Personally, I find it hard to believe that Christian Bale would tie himself down after just finishing his run as Batman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

In other news relating to THE DARK TOWER, apparently Jennifer Carpenter (Showtime’s DEXTER) is also in the mix to play the female lead along with Ghitz Tazi. This one seems a little more likely because this is a role that would help Carpenter’s career rather than hinder it.  I think for something this large you’ll have to have a somewhat lesser known actor/actress. Look for more rumors and speculation to be thrown out there over the next few months.

Christian Bale

Source: NY Post

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