Christian Bale to star in Nanjing Heroes

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Christian Bale is an awesome actor no doubt (a triple threat even-don’t you remember NEWSIES) and his next project has him working with China’s most famous director Zhang Yimou.  You may have heard of Zhang Yimou, he’s the guy that directed the amazing opening ceremonies for this year’s Beijing Olympics. Zhang Yimou is working on a film about the Nanjing Massacre and he’s going all out with a budget of just over $90 million dollars. The Nanjing Massacre happened in 1937 when Japanese troops killed thousands of Chinese citizens, Bale will play a priest named John who helps many of the Chinese people escape death. NANJING HEROES will begin shooting in January.

I think this sounds very intriguing and Christian Bale would be an excellent actor to latch on to if you are trying to cross over into Hollywood.  NANJING HEROES will be a combination of English and Mandarin language so subtitles with be present, but don’t let that detract you because it’s sure to be a spectacular film.

Christian Bale

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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