Christoph Waltz joins Robert De Niro at the Candy Store

Christoph Waltz

In 2009, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS was my favorite film of the year.  In 2012, DJANGO UNCHAINED received the top honor.  Both films have two things in common, they were directed by Quentin Tarantino and they starred Christoph Waltz.  Waltz won a supporting Academy Award for both roles and has quickly become one of my favorite actors.  Waltz apparently leaving Django’s Candy Land and is looking to join the action thriller CANDY STORE by Academy Award-winning writer Stephen Gaghan who will also direct.  Waltz will be join one of his fellow Oscar nominees from last year, Robert De Niro, who has won two Oscars of his own for THE GODFATHER: PART II and RAGING BULL.  De Niro seemed to have become more of a caricature of himself in his later years up until last years incredibly moving THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK.  With the players involved, CANDY STORE is looking to be one to keep our eye on.

CANDY STORE will be directed by Stephen Gaghan who also penned the screenplay. Gaghan directed SYRIANA and wrote one of my favorite films TRAFFIC. Along with Christoph Waltz and Robert De Niro the film will star Jason Clarke and Omar Sy.

The story of CANDY STORE is set in the criminal underworld of Brooklyn and follows a former operative who discovers the very global organization he fought against is now in his backyard.  When he teams up with a disgraced local cop (Robert De Niro), their investigation leads them to an international sex trade entrepreneur (Omar Sy), a Cold War consigliere posing as a typical American suburbanite (Christoph Waltz), and a beautiful girl wrapped up in an elaborate threat against Manhattan. (Lionsgate)

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