Christopher Nolan directing the Justice League movie and overseeing Superman?

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

There’s a rumor circulating that Christopher Nolan will be directing the long planned JUSTICE LEAGUE movie and that his brother, Jonah Nolan, will be directing the upcoming THE MAN OF STEEL.  We just found out that David Goyer would be writing the script and now it appears Warner Brothers and DC have their director.  Furthermore, it looks like Greg Berlanti (writer of the upcoming GREEN LANTERN) is the early favorite to direct the FLASH movie.

I will reiterate that all of this is rumor at this point, but all of this makes perfect sense.  Warner Brothers has a long history of screwing up franchises and now it looks like they’ve realized they have someone that knows what to do with their two most valuable franchises and they’re not going to let him get away.  Giving the reigns to Christopher Nolan in this fashion is the perfect way to go because this way, he’ll have control but will still be able to do some of the films he wants to do on his own.  We already have the perfect Batman movie, but if we can get Flash, Green Lantern and Superman movies on a level close to Batman, the Justice League film will be unbelievable.  Oh, and there’s that pesky Wonder Woman that we don’t hear anything about anymore.

Justice League

Source: IESB

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