Christopher Nolan is reportedly taking over Justice League and is looking to bring back Christian Bale

Christopher Nolan

I don’t mind reporting on rumors, but sometimes I get frustrated reporting on any Marvel, DC or Star Wars related rumors because everyone has a source and everyone thinks they know something.  But it’s to the extreme credit of Latino-Review that this site and every other site, is taking what they’ve scooped and believing in it 100%.  The cool kids over there have it on good authority that Warner Bros. has given their planned Justice League movie and virtually their entire DC franchise over to Christopher Nolan.  After flat out rejecting a script by Will Beall, many of us fanboys had lost hope that the Justice League would ever make its way to the big screen.  But what we really wanted all along was for Christopher Nolan to oversee it himself.

If that wasn’t enough for you, then supposedly, the plot of the first “Justice League” movie will involve Henry Cavill’s Superman finding the retired Bruce Wayne and convincing him to help him team up to fight a common enemy.  And yes, supposedly Warner Bros. is keen on convincing Christian Bale to come back as well, thanks in large part to Nolan’s involvement.  And although this might be a bit of a downer after such exciting news, its also being rumored that Zack Snyder will be a producer with an option to direct.

Sound crazy?  I’m not so sure.  WB is in a tough position here because as Marvel continues to do everything right, WB can’t do anything well outside of Nolan’s Batman films.  They couldn’t get Green Lantern right and don’t seem to have the guts to bring Wonder Woman, Flash or Aquaman (among others) to the big screen.  They need help and handing the keys over to Nolan, ala Marvel and Joss Whedon, is a good move.  And let’s not forget that there’s still that pesky Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Justice League rumor that won’t go away.  But if Christopher Nolan does take this over, I think Warner Bros. will be in good hands.

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