Christopher Nolan is in casual talks to direct a James Bond film

Christopher Nolan

When fanboys go to sleep at night, this is the kind of stuff they dream about.  In what could only be considered a pipe dream until today, it’s being reported that Christopher Nolan and his people and the James Bond producers, Eon are actually having very loose conversations about the director helming a film in the series.  Of course, like with any news story of this caliber, there are a few details you should consider before you get too excited.

First, the source is Baz Bamigboye from the British Daily Mail.  Although not necessarily a tabloid, it’s not exactly the most respected newspaper as far as sources go.  But Baz was right on several aspects of SKYFALL and so he has some credibility when it comes to James Bond scoops.  The next thing to consider is that he makes a point to say the talks are in the very early stages, so these kind of talks happen all the time between producers and creative talent.

But, the positive thing to keep in mind is that Christopher Nolan hasn’t been secret about his love of the Bond franchise and even claims it as an inspiration for his Batman films.  But Nolan is hard at work on INTERSTELLAR, which is going to keep him busy for a while and the Bond producers want to get moving on the next Bond film to capitalize on the success of SKYFALL.  But maybe that means he’s not looking to direct the next Bond film, but maybe one after that.  There’s also the issue of final cut and creative flexibility, which Nolan would of course demand.  I don’t see Eon being to difficult in that regard, especially if it means giving the reigns to Christopher Nolan.  Who knows, but the prospect of one of the most original and talented directors taking on the James Bond franchise is pretty exciting.

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