Christopher Nolan will not drastically change Bane's voice in The Dark Knight Rises

Posted by: Zack Bruce

One of the biggest complaints from the prologue and latest trailer from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is Bane’s voice. There are some people who say they can hear it just fine and others are flat out upset that the major villain is beyond difficult to understand.

Turns out that Warner Brothers are hearing the negative cries loud and clear. They apparently want director Christopher Nolan to alter the voice so that it’s easy for everyone to hear. However, Nolan has stated that he will only alter the mix slightly. The director thinks that people should listen in and catch up rather than dumb anything down for them. Currently Nolan is in the editing room taking care of business.

Personally, I think he should only alter it slightly as well. This is his vision and everyone should be able to catch up, so to speak.

Tom Hardy as Bane

Source: THR

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