Christopher Nolan will start filming the third Batman film next April

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

According to a candid interview with Michael Caine, the third Batman film is going to start filming in April of 2011.  Okay, before I even continue, I want to correct that; this is not the third Batman film, it will actually be the 7th, or 8th if you count the one from the 60’s.  But this will be the third Batman film from Christopher Nolan.  But anyway, although we knew Nolan was back in the saddle and hard at work on a script, we didn’t have confirmation until now that production was actually going to start.

But I remember Gary Oldman dropping something like this several months ago, so you can’t really trust what actors say.  I don’t think anyone doubts the movie is going to happen, but whether or not April is the official start date is not yet confirmed by anyone other than Michael Caine.  But this would jive with the report that the film is being released on July 3rd, 2012.

The Dark Knight

Source: Digital Spy

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