Chuck Palahniuk's Invisible Monsters adaptation finds a director in Samir Rehem

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Author Chuck Palahniuk’s first novel was published in 1996, and since then he’s written eleven other novels of the fiction and non-fiction variety. Two of his novels were turned into films: FIGHT CLUB and CHOKE. Ever since FIGHT CLUB garnered a cult following, filmmakers have been trying to get several of his other books turned into movies.

One that’s been sitting on the backburner since 2004 is INVISIBLE MONSTERS. The rights were picked up and Jessica Biel was attached to play the duel lead of Shannon and Brandy. Ever since then, the project has remained in limbo. Now a director has finally been found for the project. Samir Rehem who is best known for television work on DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION and SKINS has been hired to helm.

The story isn’t one for the light hearted: “Narrator Shannon McFarland, once a gorgeous fashion model, has been hideously disfigured in a mysterious drive-by shooting. Her jaw has been shot off, leaving her not only bereft of a career and boyfriend, but suddenly invisible to the world. Along comes no-nonsense, pill-popping diva Brandy Alexander, a resplendent, sassy, transgendered chick, who has modeled her body rearrangement–the breast implants, the hair, the figure–on what Shannon used to look like. Brandy suggests veils, high camp and no self-pity. Shannon wants revenge.”

Producer Cameron MacLaren has been working on the script for twenty months now. He’s also had some help from Palahniuk himself, “Upon reading a very early draft of the script, Chuck mentioned that the “screenplay is amazingly faithful to the original book”. He was very generous with his notes and suggestions of how it could differ in order to stylize it for a visual medium. Therefore we took his feedback into great consideration and are confident that IM will not only rival but far exceed Fight Club and Choke!”

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Source: The Cult

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