Cillian Murphy set to join Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake in I'm.Mortal

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The science-fiction action-drama I’M.MORTAL looks like it has assembled a decent cast with Cillian Murphy the latest to join the film.  Murphy, hot off his INCEPTION success, will presumably play one of the law enforcement officials trying to track down Justin Timberlake’s Will.  Will is a poor boy that comes into a fortune and then goes on the run when he kidnaps a beautiful heiress (Amanda Seyfried).  They live in a world where the aging gene can be “shut off” and “time” is the currency.  While the rich can live forever, the others have to negotiate their way into living forever.

Andrew Niccol will be directing with Marc Abraham and Eric Newman’s Strike Entertainment producing.  It should also be noted that although Timberlake is thought to be a sure thing, he technically hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet.  So anything can happen.

Cillian Murphy

Source: Heat Vision

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