Clash of the Titans

After the credits started to roll and I took off my 3D glasses, the person sitting next to me asked me what I thought of the film.  I told them I didn’t like it and then rattled off five or six reasons why.  They looked at me and said “well, if you don’t think about it or dissect it, it’s a good movie”.  I didn’t know how to respond to that.  So, there you have it; if you don’t think about the film or analyze any specific details, you might enjoy CLASH OF THE TITANS.

Sam Worthington and Alexa Davalos in Clash of the Titans

For the rest of you, it could be a long and arduous 2 hour movie going experience.  Before I even begin to talk about the film, let me say that if you have to pay more for the 3D experience, don’t bother.  This film was not meant to be shown in 3D and none of the 3D “effects” were worthwhile.

Those familiar with the 1981 film will recall that the center of the story is Perseus, played by current it-boy Sam Worthington.  He is the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson) and he finds himself on a quest to defeat the evil Kraken, which threaten to destroy the city of Argos.  In this world, Greek Gods are real and routinely interact with humans and the worship of the humans is at the center of the power struggle between Zeus and Hades (Ralph Fiennes).

Ralph Fiennes in Clash of the Titans

The original film was kind of famous for being good, but a little cheesy.  Even in 1981, after STAR WARS and ALIEN, the effects used in the film were a little behind the times.  Over the years, audiences have grown to appreciate it for some of the cool creatures Ray Harryhausen created and the charm the film possessed.  In 2010, the effects are on a whole new level, but no one told that to the filmmakers because the effects looked like something from the early 90’s and I say that hoping to not insult any film released in the early 90’s.

Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans

There are three action scenes; the first involving giant scorpions and this initial sequence was the highlight of the film as far as intensity and effects are concerned.  The second scene occurred later in the film and focused on the battle between Perseus’s men and the evil Medusa.  The setting was fine, but Medusa’s face and body looked like something out of a Playstation 2 game.  There was zero intensity to the scene and even though Perseus’s crew were getting killed off left and right, I didn’t care.  The final scene cemented the film’s incompetence where Perseus (while on Pegasus) was shown flying around during the final battle.  It looked like someone holding a toy horse and moving around a TV screen.  Just terrible.

Sam Worthington and Mads Mikkelsen in Clash of the Titans

For a film that is reliant on the effects and action scenes, it seems pointless to discuss the script or the acting, but some of the horrible lines in the film can’t go without criticism.  The best was “I can serve you better as a man”, which was mumbled begrudgingly by Worthington at the end, right before he and Pegasus took a 30 second ride on the beach…while the sun set behind them.  Yes, folks, that really happened.

I’m all for mindless summer action movies.  We need those just as much as we need historical dramas and animated comedies.  But this film was so haphazardly filmed and the script was so incoherent (why did they bring a peasant fisherman to meet the king?) that it can’t get a pass for being “mindless” or “fun”.  But hey, if you don’t think about it, maybe you’ll enjoy it.


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