Clint Eastwood will take on J. Edgar Hoover

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Clint Eastwood has tackled many, many difficult projects over his incredible career and he’s set to take on one more now that he’s chosen the biography of J. Edgar Hoover as his next project.  Eastwood will reteam with producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, who he previously collaborated with on CHANGELING.  MILK scribe Dustin Lance Black has already written the screenplay.

Billy Crudup just recently portrayed Hoover in the Michael Mann film PUBLIC ENEMIES and he’s appeared in many films over the years, albeit in very small parts.  The problem I see for Eastwood is what stories does he tell and which ones does he omit?  Hoover did a lot of great things for the country and how America fights crime, but towards the end of his career, he became a very controversial figure.  It seems nowadays there are more rumors about the guy than there are facts.

Clint Eastwood

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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