Clive Owen has been offered the role of the villain in Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy

Posted by: Zack Bruce

When you can’t get Colin Firth to join your cast as the villain, who do you look at next? Clive Owen, of course.

It seems that Spike Lee has offered the role in the OLDBOY remake to Owen. The two have previously worked together on THE INSIDE MAN. I have that movie on my Netflix list but never manage to watch it. I know I should, but maybe now I definitely will because of this news.

Will Owen take it? It’s hard to say. Depends on what the actor has on his plate. According to IMDB, he’s got three films in pre-production but the accuracy of that site is often a little shaky. This would definitely be a more high profile role for the actor especially with the talent involved so far. Owen imprisoning Josh Brolin? Sounds like a cool idea to me. I’m warming up to the remake since there’s not much that I can do about it. Still not happy about the AMERICAN PSYCHO one though.

Clive Owen

Source: Twitch


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