Colin Farrell will team up with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks

Colin Farrell

Looks like Colin Farrell has signed on to play the title character Mr. Banks in the upcoming film SAVING MR. BANKS. Colin Farrell will be joining Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in the film which just seems like a weird combination to me. I think of Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson as actors with a bit more success than Colin Farrell, but probably only because they have more successful films under their belts. Colin Farrell is a great actor when he gets the right role, unfortunately those roles elude him more often than not.

SAVING MR. BANKS is based on the true story of how Walt Disney (which will be played by Tom Hanks) pressured the Australian author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) to sell him the rights to her popular book ‘Marry Poppins’. Colin Farrell is set to play Mr. Banks, which you may remember was the father from ‘Marry Poppins’ and was based on Ms. Travers real father. So we will be getting some flashback scenes in SAVING MR. BANKS. Shockingly Disney is producing this film, but no word on when filming will start. (Deadline)

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