Could Daniel Craig do 8 films as James Bond?

Posted by:Zack Bruce

Daniel Craig has done quite well for himself in the role of James Bond. So well in fact that long-time Bond producer Michael G Wilson would like to see Craig do at least eight films as 007.

This has not been mentioned to Craig yet, but after SKYFALL is done filming then they plan to talk to the actor about a possible extended contract. Wilson definitely loves Craig in the role of Bond, even commenting that he’s one of his favorites next to Sean Connery. Roger Moore did the longest running stint as Bond doing seven movies in the franchise.

However, these Bonds have an age limit. Hypothetically if Craig stays on for eight films measuring roughly the time span of when each was released, he could very well still be Bond close to his mid-60s. Moore stayed on until he was 58. There’s really only so much you can do when you get up in age. I think it would be great to have Craig stay on for more films but I say let him decide when he wants to bow out.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Source: The People

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