Could Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler come together for a remake of Romancing the Stone?

Posted by: Zack Bruce

ROMANCING THE STONE may not be one of my favorite movies though I will say that it’s worth watching due to the angry banter between Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. The film released back in 1984 and now it’s coming back to life in remake form.

Director Robert Luketic (THE UGLY TRUTH, KILLERS) was set to helm the project with his favorite leading lady, Katherine Heigl to bring new life to Turner’s role. Luketic may no longer be attached but Fox still wants Heigl for the film. The studio also needs to find a man to be as sarcastic on-screen as Douglas’ character, Jack Colton. Taylor Kitsch and perhaps even Heigl’s UGLY TRUTH co-star Gerard Butler could possibly fill in that spot.

The original film revolved around romance novelist, Joan Wilder who must go to Columbia in order to find her sister. Only armed with a map from the late brother-in-law, Wilder’s only help comes from soldier of fortune, Jack Colton. The two immediately dislike one another but Colton loves a good adventure. Okay, it’s actually pretty hilarious. Just don’t tell anyone I said that.

Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl

Source: Moviehole

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